The Hunt

    On the day of your hunt, we will make arrangements to meet you or leave together from Elk Chute Lodge to head to the field.  In the pre-dawn darkness, amongst the sounds of the night shift waterfowl in the fields, we will get our waders on and our gear loaded onto the atv trailer and take a short ride to the pit.  We have pits that are both in the main field levee and also out in the fields.  Depending on location, we will get you within a few steps of the pit.  No trudging across fields in gumbo mud. 

    As the world wakes up around us, you will find yourself looking over very large Higdon Decoy spreads that we feel are the best you can buy.  We set up our spreads to optimize your day by decoying for ducks, specks, and snow geese.  Our name says Missouri Mallards, but we aren’t a one trick show.  We regularly have good days on all three.  Our spreads all have motion decoys that are switch operated to afford us the best opportunity at taking not only ducks, but also specks and snows.

    At Missouri Mallards, we are not a “sit down and I’ll tell you when to shoot” kind of operation.  We want you to have the hunt that you dream of.  If blowing your call along with your guide is what you like, we have no issues with that.  Please follow our lead, though.  If you want to come and just sit back, watch the show, and shoot, our guides have proven themselves over the years to be some of the best at that task as well. 

    Early to mid afternoon, we will load up, and head back to the trucks, allow the ducks to use the fields and we will prepare for another day.  We do not offer duck cleaning, but if you stay with Elk Chute Lodge, a cleaning room is available for your use.  If you choose to stay at an area hotel, we will make sure that all birds are tagged to make storage and interstate transport legal.


Guided duck hunts are $175 per person, per day. Upon booking, you will be responsible for a $50 per person, per day deposit.  The balance of $125 per person is due upon hunting.  Gratuities are greatly appreciated.