To purchase a Missouri License, call. 877-332-3909 or visit  Purchase Online

License requirements: 

  1. Youth Under 15 are not required to purchase a license
  2. Annual Non-Resident Waterfowl License. ($6)
  3. Daily Small game license ($11)
  4. Federal Duck Stamp

*To purchase a license you will have to produce proof of hunter safety or purchase a one time apprentice license.  Do not procrastinate on purchasing.


All of our hunts are from pit blinds in flooded fields.  You will need to be prepared for damp conditions, and dress according to temperature.  While our pits are accessible in knee boots, we recommend chest waders to ensure that you remain dry.  You'll be taken directly to the pit you are hunting, but being in a wet environment, waders insure that you you will stay dry.

We recommend 2-3 shot on ducks, but you also need to throw a box of bb's or larger in your bag for opportunities on specks and snow geese. BB's or 1's would be a good compromise to shoot both ducks and geese.

SEMO is notorious for big winds.  Chapstick and Visine are not a bad idea to have on you for days when it really blows.

Rain gear is big.  If rain is in the forecast, don't leave the truck without it.  We consistently  have good days in the rain and you don't want to have to leave for being wet.


We keep some drinks and snacks in the blind, but cooking just isn't feasible in pit blinds.  You're welcome to dive into our snacks, but if you're a picky eater, bring along what you would like.

For Dinner, there are a lot of good places within a reasonable drive from our hunting.  Kennett and Blytheville both have good offerings, but one you must visit is Strawberry's in Holcolmb, Missouri.


In order for you to bring your dog, you must have a large enough group to book the entire pit.  It just isn't safe for us or the dog to have a dog we don't know with people that are outside of your hunting party.

Please don't bring incapable dogs.  No one enjoys losing birds or trudging across gumbo fields to retrieve birds because a dog can't or won't.