End of season

What a season it was!!  It wasn’t the best in regards to numbers, but it was a solid year.  SEMO as a whole experienced a lot of adversity this year beginning with a drought, then stale ducks, and enough ice to break the spirit of all but the most hardcore.  Both of the deep freezes we experienced completely emptied the skies.  We managed some geese into the first freeze with some fellas that didn’t want to reschedule, but ducks were almost completely gone.  I’ve always said that the only good thing about ice is the thaw. …still hold that conviction.  The bright side is that the thaws happened and held true to us this year.  The last few weeks of season, when we had water that you couldn’t drive on, was tremendous.  We had a lot of really good hunts for both ducks and geese.  Our guests left with smiles and high fives and plans hatching for next year.

February is the time of year for duck hunters where you re-acclimate back into everyday life, clean up gear, and most importantly, make plans for next year.  We’re not any different.  I and my guides are all looking at new ground, tweaking our gear after another year’s experiences, and looking at new options all in the name of bringing our clients the absolute best experience we can provide them.  If making plans for a guided duck hunt is on your post-season to do list, give us a call!  We’d love to have the opportunity to host your destination duck hunt for 2018-2019!




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