Our Approach

    At Missouri Mallards, we strive to produce a hunt where you leave feeling more like a friend and hunting partner than a customer.  We treat our clients as we would like to be treated if we were hunting with someone new.  If you want to call ducks or help move decoys, we welcome your participation, and are completely capable of handling the tasks ourselves if you prefer to take a more passive role.  Our hunts can be tailored to your needs.  We have, and continue to host clients from every walk of life.  In order to do that, we do our absolute best to offer an affordable, high-quality hunt where everyone feels included and leaves with a smile and stories to take home.


Our Story

    Growing up in Tennesee, Andy and Tracy Salmon spent winters hunting ducks close to home.  Small lakes, the occasional flooded cornfield, maybe a cypress swamp and a few trips to Reelfoot Lake each year made up the majority of hunting for the brothers.  In 2003, a chance invite opened their eyes to a new area fraught with waterfowl hunting opportunity and loaded with ducks. Little did either of the two know at the time that they were to soon forge relationships  that would be vital to where Missouri Mallards is today. 

    Those initial relationships paved the way to eventually assist landowners with pit management and leasing across the area through our networks.  As the notoriety of the area increased, so did the need for something more. In 2014, Andy began guiding waterfowl hunters in SEMO for the abundant ducks and geese.  Both brothers also affiliated with Higdon Decoys and became more and more immersed in the waterfowl industry.  As Missouri Mallards has grown, built a reputation, and clientele base, Andy has changed careers to follow his dreams. 

    Today, we find ourselves guiding hunters in the flooded rice and bean fields in Southeast Missouri during our winters.  Our hunts are predominantly geared towards ducks, but we also capitalize on the plentiful speckle bellies and snow geese that use our area.

Meet the Team

Rest assured that your money and time are not wasted by booking with Missouri Mallards.  Meet our experienced and professional staff.

Andy Salmon

Founder & Guide

Travis Cocke


Tracy Salmon

Founder & Leasing Agent

Brandon Franklin


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